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Scaffolding Hire for Commercial Projects

If your next commercial or industrial project demands innovative scaffolding solutions, choose Economic Scaffolding in Auckland. For large or small contracts, Economic Scaffolding can provide your worksite and building scaffolding for any size building, that meets all the safety and environmental standards.

Our scaffolders will erect and safe, steady scaffolding, so your men can move around and get on with the job. Designed to be tough enough for any worksite, steady enough for heavy duty work or long term hire. Quick, easy to erect and dismantle, scaffolding that can match the big demands of commercial projects.

Economic Scaffolding maintains its high level of service by providing safe, highly responsive and well managed scaffolding hire service – designed specifically to meet the magnitude of commercial projects.

From the ground up, Economic Scaffolding follows the strictest safety guidelines, get a quote now for your commercial project.

Scaffolding Hire for New Builds

Scaffolding that grows with your project – as the building grows, the scaffolding follows. Strong enough to take the load, the workers and the equipment.

Designed for workmen to safely move around so they can concentrate on the job at hand and get it done efficiently.

Our scaffolding is made of steel, we mainly use tube and clip style scaffold the reason for this is we can build scaffold to fit any shape structure but also have prefabricated and modular, most commonly used on new builds requiring heavier duty work or long term hire. It is suitable for most trades including brick layers, painters, carpenters, roofers and cladders.

Economic Scaffolding values its contribution to the building industry, paving the way ahead for a safe workplace for all workers. Our commitment to clear communication with you at all times and to meet your construction deadlines.

For safe, reliable and cost effective scaffolding delivered to your new build, call Economic Scaffolding now, we will get it onsite when you want it.

Scaffolding Hire for Re-Cladding Projects

Whether you are recladding for a new look for your home or because your home is leaking; strong, flexible scaffolding is essential for a great re

All Economic Scaffolding solutions provide flexible solutions so your builders can reach the tight spots around any building and reach the heights you may need for your re-clad.-clad job. Economic Scaffolding has scaffolding suitable for plaster façade installation, horizontal, vertical or panel cladding products, and weatherboard cladding.

Our scaffolding is strong to carry the weight of their materials, tools and cladding as your men work applying the material to the side of your building or house. Each solution provides easy movement as the job progresses and quick, safe access up and down the scaffolding, so your workers can get the job done, making an efficient and cost effective access solution.

Economic Scaffolding offer short or long term scaffolding, whatever it takes to get your job finished on time.

Scaffolding Hire for Renovations

Not sure when you are going to require scaffolding for your new renovation – the team at Economic Scaffolding, can help with that. Certain legislation requires scaffolding depending on the height above ground level and the pitch of your roof.

We can have the appropriate scaffolding ready for delivery to your worksite. No need to order ahead or worry about the scaffolding turning up. We will get it onsite when you need it.

Coordinating your trades onsite helps to keep the length of scaffolding hire in check. Work with Economic Scaffolding to work out a schedule to minimise your scaffolding term hire, to save you dollars overall.

Depending on the type of renovations you are undergoing, aluminium scaffolding is suitable when weight is a factor, for light duty work or short term view. This type of scaffolding can be used by painters and carpenters.

Other Services

Need other equipment for your worksite – Economic Scaffolding have a host of other products to make your site safe and cost effective in line with building safety codes.

Economic Scaffolding can provide plastic building wrap. Our plastic building wrap prevents the entry of water and dust from the outside but allows water vapour from inside the house to pass through it. This is especially effective in colder climates when heating produces more moisture inside the house than is outside. The moisture is allowed to escape through the house wrap to the outside of the wall as condensation, where it does not damage the house.

Temporary fencing is a requirement on most worksites and can provide great security when worksites are vacant. Call Economic Scaffolding today to see our competitive pricing. Whether you need temporary fencing to prevent the public from entering the worksite or to protect them from the activity of the dangerous equipment, trucks and workers. The temp fencing allows your construction work to be carried out efficiently without worrying about passing traffic and pedestrians.