About Economic Scaffolding

New Zealand leader in scaffolding hire

From the Police Force for many years to scaffolding, new owner of Economic Scaffolding, Myles Horsnell's career has always been about protecting people. From watching out for New Zealanders on the beat to watching out for construction workers on site.

Scaffolding is an important part of every worksite and can play a vital part in a worksite efficiency and cost effectiveness. This is where Economic Scaffolding comes onto play – providing safe, reliable and cost effective scaffolding for any worksite or project.


Economic Scaffolding wants all workers to not only feel safe but to also be safe, whilst doing their jobs in risky situations.

From best practice in scaffolding solutions to a qualified and experienced team erecting the scaffolding, safety is our number one concern.

Economic Scaffold are proud to be full certified members of Site Safe.


Economic Scaffolding wanted to make a difference in the scaffolding industry and they sure have. Economic Scaffolding over the many years of operation has made a significant contribution to the construction and building industry’s efficiency and consistency.

We know the demands placed on any construction or building project, and want your scaffolding solutions at Economic Scaffolding, to offer you reliability of product and delivery, so you can concentrate on the more pressing needs of the project.


Our scaffolding service is designed to streamline your quoting and invoicing process to save you time, money and stress, provide the right scaffolding solution for your needs with clear and fully documented paperwork.

Fully certified and insured, our specialist team works efficiently to help you determine exactly what you need in terms of scaffolding and deliver it when you need it – cost effective scaffolding in your time frame, not ours.